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This place is awesome, great group of people with a good balance of seriousness and fun. You can't fail to learn from SippyCup Trading and it's members and Sippy and CryoGenic are both awesome although CryoGenic does like to play with his Crystal Balls all the time.

Unknown Date – Pimpleot


About to hit even for my all time trading... came here into the group I want to say like 53% down maybe more. So proud of my recent trading and I owe the thanks to the group 

03/21/17 – Bruce


Hello I was in this community for about a month and its awesome! 10/10 would recommend. fun and real at the same time luv the mods, luv the people, and luv the calls 

03/26/17 – Lifestyle Ya Da Gang   Way


Totally awesome bunch who are always keen to help, no longer feel like I'm flying blind. 

Some great picks and tips which have helped to bring my account back into the green, making picking stocks safer & more profitable!!

Thank you all for sharing your time and knowledge.

05/01/17 – Syms


Hi everyone, Just wanted to say something because I have been here since the very beginning of this chatroom. I am currently still a loser, but I am learning a lot. More and more I feel like I can be more independent with the calls these guys make. Now I can read charts more than I ever could and manage my risks better. 


Just wanted to say thanks to the admins!

05/08/17 – Simply


I am currently in Trial with the group and I think I'm going to continue my month because I definitely see an improvement in my own trading and see that the founders of this page want to teach people and want us to succeed.

07/11/17 – Dminaei (David)



10/11/17 – Rgrcinvest



I don't do testimonials. I do conversations. However, I'm really happy with my scanner that I modified from what Sippy offered the silver members when the business side of all this started up. I haven't been giving it the attention I should have, and thusly missed a few real damned good swings, but it's good stuff to learn. 

10/25/17 – Lunas D


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Love this chat, by far the best discord group I have been in, props to you!

01/08/18(assumed date) – Ryanf22


For anyone in here considering a membership, I have been with Sippycup for about a year. Their entire team from stocks to crypto is on fire. I made back everything I initially lost without being part of this team. This adds up to about 3.5kTherefore, it is one of the best investments I have made so far!!!

01/07/18 – Rgrcinvest


One call paid for my tri-monthly subscription in less than 24hrs.

01/07/18 – CryptoKeeper(Post made in Crypotrading channel)


To anyone on the edge of wanting to be in Crypto membership, Sippy has a great Crypto team. I’ve been to many groups but this one is by far the best one!! I can vouch for it.

01/03/18 – Nikgrg(posted in Silver chat)


Couldn’t be any happier to join the group. The membership cost is nothing compared to the knowledge and information you guys share. Thanks again.

01/07/18 – Nikgrg (Crypotrading channel)


Zimmtech’s detailed thorough explanation just now is why I am so happy to be a part of this group. You guys not only do your homework for yourselves to make worthwhile investments, but help the group to understand why you make the calls you do. That builds trust in a way that I don’t see other investment groups doing. The education and quality of support is so worth the membership. I don’t want to sound too much like a shill but I’ve easily made enough to afford the yearly membership just on the little bit that VEN has grown this far. I’m actually afraid to cash some of it out to pay for the yearly. Kudos to you Sippy team. 

01/02/18 – Dragnmastr85(Cryptotrading channel)



Been in 4 different stock chats now and this is by far the best, hard to find people who are really engaged.

12/22/17 – Gabe McGarry(Silver chat channel)


Admins(SCT) I justed wanted to take a couple of minutes to explain how much I’m enjoying this server. Even if I wasn’t making money using this server I would still say this is probably the best resource for learning the market cause I’m gonna be honest. I’ve only been trading for about a month and I had been watching some classes on udemy for 3 weeks then I came across Sippycup Trading on twitch and ended up going to the server. After a couple of days decided to take the plunge and get the silver membership(which I highly recommend) but anyway in the short week I’ve been here I’ve learned so much more in here than I have watching online classes so if there are any of you here that are contemplating getting silver or one of the other memberships I can honestly tell you, you won’t be disappointed. So once again thanks Sippy and Cryogenic for all the help whether it be directed at me or if someone asks something I’m curious about. 

08/22/17 – Schizzio(Hangout channel)


This is definitely the place to learn, when I started I knew absolutely nothing, now thanks to this group and the people in it I’m making steady gains.

07/22/17 – Val(Hangout channel)