Free Stock Video - Best Stocks to Buy Right Now - April 2018

What's going on everyone my name is Chase with sippy-cup trading and in

today's video i'm going to be going over just some stocks that i'm watching and

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I'm wearing the same outfit as I did the past two videos I know I'm recording all

these videos in the same day because well as you're probably watching this

I'm in Canada right now so yeah I'm trying to upload or make as many videos

as possible before I leave so anyways um let me get into a couple stocks that I'm

watching so Facebook now this one's taken a beating since the market started

dipping and you know Facebook it's a tech company so tech companies are

always way too hyped up and inevitably this will likely go back to all-time

highs and break them and keep on going on crazy run so with that in mind you

know assuming that it does go to all-time highs right now it's at $165 if

you buy in so all-time highs you're gonna be making roughly 18 percent off

your money so if you put in ten thousand dollars will be making eighteen hundred

back which is a fine trade with me however right now it's bouncing off of

this EMA line is using that as resistance and it has been

confirmed as resistance in the past as well right here on February 9th I use

this level as resistance as well 167

dollars about but so what I do believe is going to happen though since it is

bouncing off the CMU line it's going to likely dip a little bit probably

maintain the trend of higher lows starting from here and unfortunately

earnings is coming up so that will likely sway the pattern of one way or

another it could absolutely crash it could absolutely skyrocket I typically

don't play earnings however right now what I do believe is going to happen is

it'll dip probably down to around this resistance area they'll use that as

support one 60s and then likely make a slow incline up with using higher highs

and higher lows yeah that was Facebook a Casey a is another one I've mentioned

this one in a couple other videos it's so ran really significantly after

earnings ran from $16 to 34 so 100% move in just a couple of weeks which is very

very strong however it dipped pretty quickly after or that's more so a crash

crashed about 33 percent or so and I was looking at this level as support because

it crashed through all other levels of support so this one was a pretty

significant level of support and it tested it reached it confirmed it and

now it's starting to uptrend a little bit towards the EMA now what I'm

expecting to happen is it'll test the EMA kind of playing with it not really

break it too well though and then it'll dip back down and start the trend of

higher lows now what I would like to do with this one I would

like to get in on the break of the EMA likely on the 4-hour chart

let's see where it's at yeah okay so use the 200s mas support as well so yeah

that makes a lot of sense what I'd like

to do though is the ideal situation would be for us to test this EMA line

dip a little bit come back break it and then I would get it on the break now

there are a bunch of other ways you can play this as well you could also just get in on the 200s and main balance if it does decide to test it again however

that's probably those are probably the two ways that I would play it you know

everyone has their own strategy that works for them those two have been

working pretty well for me lately made some good money using those strategies

so I'll likely do that for this one this one has a lot of volatility as well so

that's something I do like about this the potential for profit is very high

although the potential for loss is also higher than playing a stock like

Facebook or something but you know I'm all for it as long as we keep our losses

small we manage our risk properly then it's a smart train to make so gun over

Facebook a KC a I'm gonna go over one more let's go over AMD so I've been

swinging this one for a little bit and so as of now it has been flirting with

the $10 resistance which is psychological resistance very strong

psychological resistance level hasn't really been able to break over it the

past week or so or the past couple of days broke over it here couldn't hold it

but whatever now it's forming a pennant as you can see by these lines and it's looking pretty

bullish it's testing the top it is struggling so we might see it dip back down however as of right now it's

looking like it wants to break of course that'll be dependent upon how the market

behaves as well so with all this in mind you know if it does break this

resistance level probably this high right here of 10 20 maybe even a bit

before it will likely run to the CMA line 10 it's at 10 60 right now it'll

probably be at about 10 50 by the time it does unless it does decide to dip so

once it does decide to test this though it'll probably use that as resistance

kind of a struggle in that area dip down maybe a little bit and confirm the

pattern of higher lows higher eyes and be a good swing up until then know one

thing one big thing I do like about AMD is the company itself it's a really good

company and you know it sells it sells graphics cards and with the cryptocurrency hype going on if you haven't watched my videos on cryptocurrency definitely do that it'll

explain my reasoning and opinions on the cryptocurrency and II will do very well

the nice cryptocurrency run and that's because you know graphics cards are used

for mining cryptocurrency I personally mined cryptocurrency myself

but that's relevant to the point I do believe that the next crypto currency

market run is upon us and so with that I believe that AMD can lead to a lot of

gains it is also riding in a channel I mean it's using this it's a rough channel so

don't use this penny for penny just use it as a rough estimate but that's

basically a support every time a balance is on that it goes back up to

about $14 or so so there's a lot of potential for profit

that's about let's see goes to about 950 at the bottom and then at the high about

1430 so that's about what like a 45 40 percent move or so which is really good

put $10,000 into that you make 4,000 back can't complain with that and so

I'll likely be swinging for a while that's a freebie I'll give you guys that

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active always people to message you and alright my discourse is not working so I

can't show you guys but whatever anyways I'm gonna wrap it up that those three

stocks are definitely my top watches there's a lot of other good plays too

but these are just the ones that I like and would use my strategies for so

anyways thanks again for watching I hope you all enjoy it make sure to subscribe

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