April CryptoCurrency Spike

what's going on everyone my name is chase with sippy cup training and in today's video I'm gonna go
over this little crypto currency market spike we had overnight now for those of you who are new to the
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get into Bitcoin so in case you didn't see I posted a video I'm gonna post this one but I posted a video
Wednesday going over my thoughts on Bitcoin and what I believe it's going to do now today is Thursday
the day after and we had this little spike and it was a spike overnight ran from 60-something 167
hundred to about 8,000 and it was pretty unexpected but it's proving it to us that there are people that
are buying into Bitcoin now what I do believe is going to happen is crap matrix is always so confusing for
me to use with the charting on my macbook but I do believe is going to happen is as you see I drew this
trendline on Wednesday's video and this is acting as resistance so as you can see this today's candlestick
bounced off of that resist boom and it bounced off without resistance and is holding below it so in order
for us to really be bullish on Bitcoin in the overall market Bitcoin itself needs to break this trendline and
hold over it and as of right now it's not doing that it did have a nice spike and that's making a lot of
people happy but I don't think it's sustainable in the short term in the long term or a long run however
it's I believe it's still gonna continue consolidating a might consolidate a little bit higher this time after
this spike assume income on all right yeah it's probably gonna consolidate on the 7100 area which was
previous resistance here and here but you know we'll see it is getting close to the breaking point though
so it could make him move any day any hour really but most need to play it by ear judging from the 30-
minute chart it had really significant candlesticks the run from 6700 8,000 happened within an hour so
you know it's definitely a big player getting in it's not just small little traders trading the cleanup ignore
that that's just a I'll get into that in another video coming soon but anyways as you can see here ran kind
of consolidated struggled in the 7750 area and is now kind of consolidating the 75 7600 area so what we
can assume is going to happen here well it can either form some type of pattern maybe an ascending
triangle maybe a flag we'll see an continue of the upside in which case if it does do that I would hope
that it sustains volume and over the radius yes short but but as we can tell by these volume volume
sticks it's just not really sustaining the volume from the spike so you know as of now I'm not too bullish
on the holding we'll seE how it goes though um but could go either way honestly I'm expecting it to go
down there and then consolidate a little bit for a while and then spike up so don't get your hopes up yet
anything can happen this market is very volatile and can do crazy 15-percent moves like this at any point
so I could be totally wrong in my analysis don't take my analysis as advice this is simply my opinion on
what's going to happen this is by no means a suggestion for you to behave according to my opinions
anyways I'm gonna wrap it up at that I hope you all did enjoy the video make sure to subscribe if you
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